Zinc anode raw material price fluctuate

Today Shanghai mainstream 0 # zinc clinch a deal in 23000-23100 yuan/ton, the Shanghai zinc 1705 contract 30 and 60 yuan/ton, a discount yesterday slightly expanded near 10 to 20 yuan/ton,;1 # zinc clinch a deal in 22950-23050 yuan/ton.Zinc price is slightly higher, refinery will improve delivery, traders trading between normal and downstream take goods returned to the negative mood, plus a few days ago have been repair parts inventory, clinch a deal market as a whole than yesterday.

Guangdong 0 # zinc today mainstream clinch a deal in 23000-23050 yuan/ton, the month discount ticket for Shanghai zinc main 1705 contract 50 yuan/ton, the commutation ticket 100-90 yuan/ton, guangdong city of Shanghai discount 30 yuan/tons.Refinery rised out less, middlemen offer strong, ticket actively traded during the month, the downstream procurement carefully, volume has traders contribute more, overall deal less than yesterday.0 # kirin, danxia, iron peak mainstream clinch a deal in 23000-23050 yuan/ton.

Tianjin market mainstream 0 # zinc ingots today to clinch a deal in 23070-23830 yuan/ton, 0 # common mainstream brands to clinch a deal in 23070-23110 yuan/ton, the Shanghai zinc main contract 30 to 1705 liters of 10 yuan/ton, premium 60 yuan/ton, near to Shanghai.Zinc refinery normal shipment, 1 # offer less, middlemen 0 # zinc as the main, downstream from yesterday on the sidelines, the flat market.

The overall deal less than yesterday.0 # GongYe, qin zinc mainstream clinch a deal in 23070-23110 yuan/ton.

Kig  will carefully note zinc raw material prcie in order to give customer  the newest and best quotation according to customers' requirement.

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