Aluminum Raw material prices increased

Aluminum Raw material prices increased

Within  August  Shanghai aluminum present wide range of trends, the main contract closed at 15275 yuan, 1709 weeks rose 1045 yuan.Spot prices are 16035 yuan point battleground, market after tumbling black tie, long-short both sides were cautious, holdings cuts this week.

Rising prices led directly to the all product costs of aluminium production chain, and a lot of metal material price in line rise in price, so more metal products can't escape the fate of the rise in price, to the enterprise has brought great impact pressure.
Since 2017, the air conditioning rose 50-200 yuan/set, up 100 yuan to 300 yuan/television, lampblack machine, electric water heater, kitchen electrical products rose by 15% ~ 35%, used to cope with rising prices of raw materials, to maintain the survival and development of the enterprise.
Raw material rises in price to bring industry reshuffle and reshaping
Despite rising raw material prices rising, consumer spending increased costs, but can be "fish in troubled waters" type of enterprises in the industry washing clean, also can yet be regarded as everyone claps the reason.
Compared with the brand enterprise, these "fish" type enterprise, the operation is not perfect, the service, simply by medium products, lower prices for consumers, once the price increase, in front of the products has no competitive advantage, consumers will no longer buy it, and choose the brand products, to make money in quality with the after-sale protection, to rising prices for what can be applauded thing.
Integrated ceiling industry bear the brunt
Aluminum is the most critical in the production of integrated ceiling of raw materials, mainly used for plate processing, including keel, derrick, other auxiliary materials processing, raw materials such as steel, copper, stainless steel, the second integration ceiling heater of PTC heating element also need galvanized, nickel plated copper raw material, of course, for plastic raw materials manufactured in the box body.
From the above description, it is easy to find a matter of integration ceiling price, because of rising production ceiling in the raw materials of all gun, which belongs to the biggest increase in aluminium, stainless steel, steel and PVC is also obvious, electroplating and other prices.
So please get ready, meet the tide of integration ceiling price, of course, to clap for the reshaping of the condole top industry, after all, only a healthy market environment can bring more great development to the industry.

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