Zinc anode

The self-erosion rate of zinc anode is relatively low, which is about 0.02g.m-2.h-1 in cold fresh water, corresponding to the erosion rate of 25 ohms. A-1.

Zinc anodes are characterized by low surface polarization, high current efficiency, wide material sources and low price.

Zinc is suitable for seawater, steel pile wharf and ship hull using zinc anode.

Executive standard:

GB/T4950-2009 ASTM-B-418-73

Marine zinc anodes are divided into single foot, double foot welded, and bolted joint type.

The disadvantage of zinc anode is that its protective potential (-0.85V) excitation voltage is

small compared with iron, only 0.25V, which is commensurate with 1/3 of magnesium anode.

Therefore, its application scope is relatively narrow.In cold water, the rate of self-erosion was

approximately 50% higher {10}.Auxiliary products include: reference electrode,

aluminothermic welding die, insulated joint, insulated bracket, point gun, explosion-proof

junction box and other cathodic protection products.These figures were measured in inactive



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